PlayStation — PS4

We launched the PS4 in over 30 countries with the line 'This is for the players'. Everything we did was focused around the gamers – from hiding hundeds of references from PlayStation's past in the launch TV spot, to teasers based on original PS1 games. 

Euro Effies – Grand Prix
Euro Effies – Gold 
Webby Awards – Official Honoree
Best Ads on TV – Best Integrated


We teased the campaign with two films. The first one called Hadouken Cabs was for a fictional Minicab service, fronted by Ryu from Street Fighter. Those with a keen eye were directed to a site straight out of the 90s.


Player's Monument

We launched a digital monument where people could declare themselves as Players and pledge their allegiance to PS4. The monument could be filtered by trending, location or player type. 


Case Study